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Post Fiction - Turkey Gay: Fly Boy

Copyright © IstanBoys.com

Fly Boy

There was a sudden restless stir among the rent boys gathered in the far side of the dark bar as he entered. He was well known to most of them.

Tall, dark, muscular, and gorgeous, he didn't wear his uniform to the bar, but it was well known he was high up in the Turkish Air Force. His bearing, his arrogant posture, and the hard set of his jaw left no doubt that he was a masculine force to be reckoned with.

In the bar, he used the name Berk and it suited him well. Solid, firm, strong... And most certainly not his real name.

The rent boys stirred again… Talking a bit amongst themselves... Many of them knew him well, some to their dismay. He had a taste for young men, baby faced and near hairless, but as strong and muscular as he, himself. The better to bear his usage... He was rough trade. The rent boys charged him two or three times or more what they charged their usual customers. An evening with Berk often meant not being able to work for several days afterwards, and just compensation must be made.

Berk strode to the bar - his pace swift, efficient and purposeful. He ordered a drink, paid, tipped generously, and then turned his burning black eyes to the area where the rent boys gathered. Under heavy brows, his dark eyes sparkled with a secret amusement as they tried to unobtrusively shuffle themselves.

Several melted away. They were not interested in Berk's trade at any price. A sardonic grin lifted one corner of Berk's thick lips as they moved away. He had no use for weaklings.

A knot of heads bowed over one young man. Discussion ensued. He was more or less shuffled out of the pack to the most obvious place. Chin lifted, his dark eyes met Berk's in defiance. A new boy... Berk smiled. It wasn't a pretty smile.

Timur kept his jaw set and his head high even as a shudder rippled through his gut. He was quite young and had not been a rent boy for long. The other boys had warned him quickly about Berk, and what he would want, and then added that he would pay very well. Timur accepted the risk; at the price the other boys proposed would be acceptable. It seemed to him to be a fortune.

What he did not share was that their talk of what Berk had done to this one or that one had set his insides trembling to a different drum. His thick cock stirred slightly, twitching with arousal at their descriptions. His heart thudded equally from fear of being chosen, and fear of not being chosen.

Berk ran his eyes over the young man the others had singled out. A young man, one he had not seen before. He liked that. He liked fresh meat. Timur was shorter than Berk's towering 6 feet plus, but well built. His open shirt revealed a muscular, but hairless chest, and an abdomen sharply defined by rows of hard muscle.

Finishing his drink, Berk set the glass on the bar, and approached.

The other rent boys made themselves scarce. Timur stood his ground. Berk was a massive man, tall and obviously rock hard without an ounce of fat for all his great size. The muscles of his arms and chest strained the fabric of his expensive shirt. Timur shifted slightly so the big man could see the size of his cock, now beginning to strain against the fly of his skintight jeans.

The bargaining was brief and intense. Most of it was done, not with words and gestures, but two pairs of black eyes staring one into the other, neither giving a flicker of fear or concern. Berk found himself liking this boy. He was brave. Or very foolish... Soon, they would know.

Berk took Timur to a small apartment he kept for just this one purpose. It was small, dirty, and dim, consisting of little more than one large room with a large bed, iron framed at head and foot, a dirty mattress with a dingy sheet, and a large trunk.

Instructed beforehand that Berk wanted a good fight, Timur spun away the moment the big man set a hand on him. He didn't run, but turned to face the big man. Berk was smiling his predator's smile. Open handed he shoved the young man hard against the wall, knocking the breath out of him.

When Timur got his breath back to struggle, Berk's large hands were wrapped around both his arms at the bicep so he could not use his fists effectively. Berk squeezed hard, pleased at the size and firmness of the muscle he gripped. Teeth gritted against the pain, Timur tried to twist free.

Berk roared with laughter.

Anger flashed in Timur's eyes. He lowered his brows and frowned, and then swiftly curled his body, raising his feet from the floor and bending his knees between them. Thrusting with his legs against Berk's hips, he twisted again.

Berk used the young man's momentum, instead, to assist him in throwing him to the bed where he landed with a loud crash and a bounce. Before he could coordinate to leap away, the big Turk was on him, using his weight to hold Timur down while he grabbed a wrist with both hands and drew it to the corner of the iron barred headboard where a rope dangled.

Thrashing as best he could, Timur was intensely aware of the weight of the big man, and the hot iron rod that was pressing hard into his groin. His own thick cock throbbed with excitement, painfully crushed between them. When his desperate attempts to twist or pull away did not work, in desperation, he managed to reach and bite hard that thick, meaty bicep that was trapping him.

Berk roared in pain and fury, drew back and punched Timur hard in the face with a weighty fist. For a few moments, Timur saw stars. Berk smiled at him. He liked the boy's spirit. It made it more fun to break him.

When Timur shook the cobwebs out of his head he found himself tied, hand and foot, to the iron bars of the head and footboard of the iron bedstead, his shirt torn open down the front and naked from the waist down. He gulped in fear and anticipation.

Berk stood at the foot of the bed, grinning at him. Naked but for a thick leather harness with heavy metal rings that served to grip and accentuate the massive dark phallus that throbbed stiffly as it stood out from his thick body. Dark, curled hair covered most of his body in whorls and thatches. Hard, dark nipples sparkled with the thin silver hoops that pierced them. He held a thick bullwhip coiled in his hand like a big, black snake.

With a threatening snarl, Berk loosened the coils so they slid rasping over the floor like scales as he drew back the whip for the first stroke. Hissing through the air it fell across Timur's body, leaving a hot streak of pain from his shoulders to his crotch. The tip expertly flicked across the end of his thick cock, swollen with blood and shuddering in anticipation.

Timur gritted his teeth, willing himself not to scream as the whip lashed across his body again and again. Each time it flickered across his cock he shuddered in exquisite agony and moaned deep in his chest. Berk noticed. His eyes narrowed, and he bent down to the chest at his feet.

When he stood he held a handful of small-toothed clamps on shimmering silver chains. Timur's chest rose and fell as he panted for breath. His dark eyes watched Berk's approach. He allowed them to show no trace of fear; indeed, he seems to dare Berk to hurt him more.

Berk knelt on the bed and closed the first of the clamps on Timur's left nipple, already swollen and puffy from the ministrations of the whip. Gasping, Timur closed his eyes and tensed against the pain. His dick shuddered as the new wave of pain swept from his tits to his balls and he moaned with the pleasure of it. Berk's grin widened. He added another clamp to the other nipple. Then moved down the bed.

Gathering Timur's balls into his hand he first squeezed them hard, rolling them in his palm to see the young man squirm, then attached two of the tight little clamps to the bottom of his ball sack. Timur was now panting, on the verge of crying out, but still refusing to do so.

Berk began adding a row of the toothsome little clamps up the sensitive underside of the young cock. He would pinch together some of the thin, fine skin, pulling it taut around the swollen organ, and then close a clamp on it. Move up an inch; add another clamp, until the last was added at the very underside of the head - shiny with tension and oozing precum. As the last clamp was closed, Timur finally whimpered with tension and pain. Berk laughed and jerked at the shiny chains, at last drawing a short scream from the younger man as he bucked against the thin mattress.

Finally, a last little chain was clamped between the network on his cock and balls and his nipples. Timur was held, trembling, in place. The least movement would tear at his most sensitive tissues. Each breath strained against the chains. His cock throbbed and that minute movement tugged against every clamp in the network so that he cried out and pulled against the ropes, vainly trying to curl his body.

Berk admired the rent boy in the dim light. Timur's golden skin gleamed, contrasting with the sparkling silver chains and the angry dark swelling welts over his body. His nipples were a dark, angry red, as were his balls around the tormenting clamps. A drop of precum yet trembled on the tip of his impressively thick dick, the skin shining with pressure. He made a pretty picture of pleasure and pain.

Slowly, Berk began to stroke his hard dick. Timur's bright eyes watched him. Kneeling on the bed, Berk jerked off over the young man's face, his big dick inches from the young man's eyes. As he stroked himself, he playfully tugged on the chains. Timur cried out and tried to twist some way to relief even as his own dick swelled with need.

Close to cumming, Berk grabbed Timur's cock in his fist, squeezing hard, driving the clamps into the soft skin and stroking him hard so that the young man screamed and bucked against his bonds, humping into the hand that tortured and pleasured him at once and trying to tear himself away at the same time.

Berk's hot cum sprayed over his face, salt wetness in his eyes so he closed them and turned his face away, cum splashed over his lips and as he licked it greedily his own tormented dick finally exploded, hot stickiness over his belly, salt burning into recent whip welts as Berk roughly rubbed their cum mixed over his skin.

Copyright © IstanBoys.com
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